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What Powerful Indian Women Want You To Know

What Powerful Indian Women Want You To Know

Even though India is home to a thriving economy, women have to fight and work twice as hard to claim a position of power within it. Indian women are subject to severe misogyny, even by their own families, who may prioritize their son over their daughter quite often. The favoritism of sons has become so obvious that it is a long-running joke in the Indian community. Women are pressured to build families instead of careers, but there are women who prove that it is possible to break the stereotype and come out on top. Powerful Indian women such as Dipali Goenka, Aditi Balbir, and Rachna Rao want other young women starting their careers to know that they can do it too. This is the advice they have to give you in order to help you stand out and excel in your career. 

Have Integrity 

Dipali Goenka, the CEO of a textile company called Welspun India Limited believes that women should “take control and ownership of their professional path.” Voice your ideas and interests clearly. Be proud of your skills and what you can bring to the table, instead of running away from big projects or challenges. Never let anyone bully you into submission or insecurity, and if the situation arises, you should always handle it in a calm, confident manner. When you are proud of your work and sure of yourself, others will show you respect in return. 

Ask the right questions 

Rachna Rao, a Co-founder of a network called FoodyBuddy that connects foodies with nearby home chefs, thinks that you should ask yourself, and others, lots of questions as well as the right ones. This is especially important at the beginning of a new job or role. Asking yourself challenging questions will push you to think harder. It might help you discover new things about yourself. You should also be asking other people questions in order to fast-track your growth and knowledge. This is because the way different companies work or the jargon used in the environment can be confusing at times. 

Be open 

Archana Walavalkar, the Co-founder of a fashion company called StyleCracker, believes that young professional women just starting out are already an inspiration to many other women. She encourages them to share their experiences and especially their failures so “others can use them as a springboard for growth.” She wants women to be courageous and open to sharing their mistakes with one another. Aside from being open about experiences, it is also important to be open to new opportunities. Consider taking all new growth opportunities thrown your way in order to enhance your skill-set and level of experience. 

Take risks

Aditi Balbir worked in finance with major companies like Mckinsey and Baring Equity but then she took a risk and started her own hospitality chain called V-resorts. From this experience, she learned that every woman has the potential to chase their dreams if they are truly passionate about them. She wants every woman to take the kind of risk she did: from having a secure, successful job to building a new business from the ground up. But first, you need to be able to believe in your full potential and abilities to take that leap of faith.