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Our Partners

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We offer a number of ways that companies can partner with TWN, including sponsorship of our networking events, professional development workshops, interest groups, speaker series, and Redefining Ambition podcast. We join forces with companies to create new ways to network, offer our members employment opportunities and our partners recruitment opportunities, and build brand collaborations.

Corporate Sponsors

Reach an audience of 30,000+ high-achieving collegiate and recently graduated women. We partner with advertisers to build brand awareness, aligning brands with the largest collegiate women’s networking organization in the nation. Your company will be able to market products and services directly. We also provide creative opportunities for product sampling and promotion.

Brand Exposure

Put your brand and your products squarely in front of tens of thousands of women in our community.

Content & Career Alignment

Sponsor TWN Interest Groups for direct exposure to women pursuing specific industries. Help educate and provide content in an area of interest (e.g., music industry, law, and engineering). Expose motivated women to careers in your industry and at your company.

Gain Insight

Access our network of campus ambassadors, who will provide feedback and recommendations to your marketing team.


Recruiters turn to TWN to access our exceptional member talent pool. Directly recruit ambitious, high-achieving young women easily — through curated, customized candidate screening.

"The Women's Network was instrumental in helping Tea Drops find our incredible summer interns! These young women were smart, ambitious, and self-starters! I was very impressed with the quality of candidates that the Network attracts."
Sashee Chandran, Founder/CEO of Tea Drops

TWN will IDENTIFY and CURATE exceptional candidates for internships and permanent positions within your company. In this highly competitive job market, TWN delivers quality applicants by tapping into our wide-ranging talent pool where we have identified members’ career interests and qualifications. We offer a white-glove approach in which we take the time to vet candidates, personalize the search, and meet your specific recruitment goals.

“Working with The Women’s Network was an absolutely wonderful experience. The process of finding the right candidates was incredibly quick and helpful. After a short process, we found a great intern who is now a part-time employee at WoodSpoon. We are very thankful for The Women’s Network.”
Merav Rozengarten, Co-Founder/CMO of WoodSpoon


Share your industry experiences — and inspire a new generation of leaders — as you relay your unique story to our audience of ambitious collegiate women.

"When I think of TWN, I think of promise, potential, and power. These women are going to change the world — from their campuses, through their careers, and by transforming every space they enter. Speaking to TWN was electrifying. You just had to be there. And I know, for a fact, that the spark I felt that day, was a sign of what’s to come. This community is fired up about making our planet a better place, and I know without a doubt that they’re exactly the right people to lead that change."

– Sueann Tannis, Senior Director of Integrated Communications at the United Nations Foundation

"Talking with The Women’s Network was such a gratifying experience. I got to think back to my 20-year-old self…what I didn’t see coming at that age…and share some of those hard-earned lessons. Like embrace the fact that your future will be wildly different from what you planned in college — and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, that’s fantastic, as you have only seen a fraction of all the options available to you. I also loved being challenged on how to make the working world better for women establishing their careers. I’m excited to see the career and personal success of all the women coming through TWN!"

– April Galda, CEO of Beat Capital Partners Americas and Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

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