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The Power of Female Role Models

The Power of Female Role Models

We live in a country filled with more John!s that are CEOs than female CEOs in total. Historically, it has been challenging to come upon ambitious women due to a lack of the commemoration of powerful female figures. Ambitious women need successful female role models to look up to in order to confirm that what they hope to accomplish ultimately is achievable. Whether it be an athlete, businessperson, celebrity or simply any strong women in someone’s life, the confidence and leadership skills she emulates will allow future generations of females to envision the same success for herself.

Within the realm of female role models, individuals are portrayed in a wide variety of manners ranging from a well-recognized national politician who advocates for equality to an A list celebrity who uses her female aura to increase her popularity. The diverse array of successful people that are admired for their differing qualities impact how a women views her own potential. However, just because someone is successful does not mean that he or she is a positive role model. This challenges individuals to assess their values in order to determine what type of person they choose to look up to and what type of person they want to be. It is imperative that those who are positive influences are the ones that are exposed to young females in order to encourage favorable outcomes for society.

This being said, there is a difference between hearing words of encouragement and seeing an individual accomplish what was once perceived to be impossible. We have yet to see a woman in the White House, so most females are reluctant to even attempt to run. With a growing female presence in politics, it is possible that in the near future this will change but there is no question that it will be filled with questions of eligibility from many. Change is always uncomfortable but those who push for greater equality and make these actions seen will ultimately make the “change” seem normal and attainable to those who admire him or her.

Local role models may be even more impactful because it is more imaginable that their successes could be emulated. Understanding that success attained by an individual who who has similar experiences as you makes this role model more relatable and their accomplishments seem more attainable. Imposter syndrome occurs when one experiences feelings of self-doubt and failure regardless of prior education and experience. Many women who face this tend to over work themselves in order to make up for their perceived lack of capability. This is why it is helpful for women to look up to those who were once in a similar position as them and understand that everyone has the ability to be successful with hard work and determination. At the Florida Gator football game this past weekend, several Olympians who competed in Tokyo this past summer who are UF Alumni were honored. Although I am not an athlete, seeing them in Gainesville, a place that has been my small home for the past three years, made me feel a sense of hopefulness for potential success in my future. Knowing that they once sat in the same seat that I do now and they were able to accomplish their dreams made it feel more realistic that I can one day do the same in my field.

With all of the adversity and lack of opportunities women have faced over time, it is that much more important that significant female leaders are celebrated and spoken about. Women who overcame the hardships of attempting to be a female figure in a male dominated society deserve to feel honored as they have accomplished things that were once unheard of. Their accomplishments and successes should be praised in order to inspire others to attempt to do the same, ultimately resulting in a cascading effect of a strong emergence of female leaders within society.

Despite vast improvements in numerous areas of women’s rights movements, much work must still be done. The Women’s Network promotes women’s empowerment through the plethora of networking opportunities and portrayal of important female leaders. With these resources in addition to the many others provided by this organization, The Women’s Network will greatly aid in the accomplishment of its goal of cultivating a world where successful females are celebrated, not discouraged. Starting with collegiate level students, the impact of this organization will be taken with each individual throughout the rest of their life.

The Women’s Network must work to encourage the celebration of powerful female figures and the significant role they play in cultivating ambition in future generations. We as a whole have the ability to create a stronger society filled with role models in differing areas who aim to promote the successes of females and males alike. With this continuous promotion of gender equality, our society will one day be filled with generations of hard working women who have a plethora of female CEO’s to look up to.