Emma Chamberlain with a pink wig holding a glass dome over her head.

How Women are Dominating the Digital World

How Women are Dominating the Digital World

The fastest form of communication and the easiest way to reach the masses, social media is one of the most effective tools in today’s society. While media popularity varies across industries, its influence is undeniable. A significantly higher percentage of women than men use social media, making it a powerful tool for female entrepreneurship and empowerment. The platform it has given women allows them a creative space to share their unique lifestyles and passions while also raising awareness surrounding gender disparities. 

Famous female influencers reflect various lifestyles, industries, and backgrounds. Emma Chamberlain, Jaclyn Hill, and Whitney Simmons: the list goes on. These are only a few of the women who have used their platform to contribute to a revolution of female power, independence, and ability. Chamberlain, who has amassed over 15 million Instagram followers, got her rise to fame through her lifestyle videos on YouTube. Dubbed the “Girl of the 21st Century” by V Magazine, Chamberlain’s popularity has been accredited to her “relatableness” and her unique editing style in her videos. On her podcast Anything Goes, Chamberlain discusses relationships, gives advice to her listeners, and talks about her everyday struggles. With over 12 million Instagram followers, she has taken her popularity into other 

industries. Her company, “Chamberlain Coffee,” launched in 2019 when she was only 18 years old. She truly is a powerful self-made millionaire from contracts with popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Hollister, Curology, and Audible, and modeling for luxury designers such as Louis Vuitton during the 2019 Paris Fashion Week. Another powerful influencer, Jaclyn Hill, gives young females an outlet for exploring cosmetic creativity and 

embraces individual beauty and expression through her YouTube and cosmetic line, “Jaclyn Cosmetics”. The self taught make-up artist also has collaborations with Becca Cosmetics, Morphe, Missguided, and even appeared on the popular reality show, “Project Runway”. Hill strives to make her channel about “More than just makeup” as she frequently discusses her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Lastly, fitness influencer, Whitney Simmons, rose to fame similarly through YouTube and Tik Tok by sharing her daily workouts. She frequently speaks of how weightlifting saved her from losing herself to an unhealthy lifestyle as she fought depression. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Simmons’ comments that her goals are to, “Make women feel comfortable in their skin”, and “Motivate women to build confidence to break the gender barrier in gyms” when weightlifting. Co-founder of the booming health and beauty brand TULA Skincare, a GymShark brand ambassador, and developer of her own fitness and lifestyle app, “Alive”, Simmons pursues these goals by continuing to motivate her followers through encouraging them to not fear entering male-dominated spaces. 

In a field that is so female-dominated, both in its users and creators, social media has proven a powerful tool for many women to gain popularity and success. These three influencers, Emma Chamberlain, Jaclyn, and Whitney Simmons, represent only a few females building their empires online. As a user, we can support our fellow women, and as creators, we can collaborate and develop our visions. This digital revolution may truly be the key to helping females overcome boundaries and break societal expectations. 



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