Two women record a cheerful Tik Tok video (Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash)

The Powerful Women of Tik Tok

The Powerful Women of Tik Tok

When you think of Tik Tok, the first thing that may come to mind is teenage girls doing dances, vlogs, or even crazy food trends. Though these are all aspects of the app, it is so much more than just a fun platform. In its essence, Tik Tok is a place for creators to express themselves. This can be in several different capacities, like one of the ones stated above, or it can be used in a more professional sense. There are thousands of women who use Tik Tok to share their professional experiences working in “the real world.” These women’s experiences range from entry-level jobs, to recruiters, and many career coaches. All these creators share their experiences with the hope of educating the next generation and preparing them to enter the workforce.

In college, there is no course titled “Adulting 101.” There are so many things that young adults are not taught about entering the real world. Tik Tok has been an amazing resource for college students to learn how to be financially independent. One user, Rachel Richards (@moneyhoneyrachel), teaches young women how to be financially stable. She makes videos on topics like building credit, buying a car, investing, and saving money in various ways. She is the free financial counselor that every college student needs.

One of the most daunting aspects of entering the workforce is finding that dream job. Tik Tok has become a platform for women to share their career experiences and give users a peek into what their daily life looks like. Vivien Mee (@vivsmee) is a 25-year-old working in the fashion industry. She gives insight into what her daily workday looks like and what skills are needed to have her job. Kelley (@hollistic_career_chica) is a Latina financial analyst at Google. She posts several vlogs about her daily life working in a widely male-dominated field. She advises women who seek similar jobs on what to expect in the application process, workplace, and subsequent social life. Lastly, Jackie (@csjackie) is a software engineer and posts a lot about coding and how important a skill it is to have. Through her vlogs, it's easy to see that although her work is very difficult and confusing to the average person, it is an essential job that can be very lucrative.

While searching for that perfect fit, college students can expect to have upwards of ten or even twenty interviews before they find the place that’s right for them. That’s where Tik Tok user Erin McGoff (@erinmcgoff) is there to help. With over 1.8 million followers, Erin boasts an impressive series of resume, cover letter, and interview tips for all sorts of jobs. Her most viral video, with almost 25 million views, details how to answer that famed question “tell me about yourself.” Along with being a self-made Tik Tok career coach, Erin is also a freelance film director and editor. She talks about her experience in that industry and advises anyone seeking a job in the film industry.

These are just a handful of the powerful women who help shape the next generation of strong women in business. College students today are so fortunate to have these resources and testimonials at their fingertips through Tik Tok.