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How to Thrive During Finals Week

How to Thrive During Finals Week

The semester is finally about to end. All of our hard work is about to pay off and winter break is sooo close! However, before we can head home, celebrate the holidays, and relax for a month, there is one dreaded obstacle we must face: finals week. With this time of exams and anxiety fast approaching, it is crucial to stay organized and limit the amount of stress you put on yourself. As an avid procrastinator myself, I am here to share my top 5 strategies to stay organized and resist the urge to put things off until the last minute (regardless of how tempting this is). 


Especially during finals week when you are balancing papers and studying for multiple classes, it is crucial to manage your time, and the best way to do this is by making a study schedule. Map out your day the night before with specific goals you want to achieve by certain times in the day. For example, plan on outlining one paper by lunch and editing another one by dinner! 


Set reasonable study/work goals and time yourself to get through it. Set a timer on your phone for 30-45 minutes then sit at your desk with no distractions and work uninterrupted until the timer goes off. Then take a 15 minute break before repeating the process. I know how tempting it can be to check your phone every few minutes and watch the occasional TikTok, but you'll be shocked by how much more you get done when you resist this urge. 


Don’t be afraid to take breaks!! It doesn’t matter how much work or studying you still need to do, take the time to eat a nutritious meal, laugh with your friends, or take a quick nap. Finals week may be a stressful and chaotic time, but it does give you an excuse to stop taking care of yourself. 


Find people in your classes and set up designated times to meet and study for your exam all together. Making a plan and including other people holds you accountable and motivates you to walk to the library when your bed seems way more comfortable. 


At the end of the day, this is just a week stressing over exams that likely won’t matter a few years from now. It is easy to get completely overwhelmed and feel like your entire life depends on your final exam grades, but it’s important to keep things in perspective. Work hard and do the best you can, that is all that matters.