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How to Avoid Winter Break Burnout

How to Avoid Winter Break Burnout

A long-awaited and much-deserved break is approaching. We're all ready to sit back and relax, sleep in until noon, and binge-watch our favorite shows. While these things are all great and needed for a reset, it proves to be hard to get back into the grove when returning to campus. You don't have to give up your whole break to read the Odyssey or do math problems all day, but it isn't a horrible idea to stay active during winter break. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid winter-break burnout.

1. Incorporate 10 minutes of reading into your routine

If you’re like me, you have a stack of books that you’ve been putting off all semester. Break is the perfect time to catch up on the new Sally Rooney book or check out some non-fiction in an area you normally don’t get to focus on. The practice also helps you maintain a routine and in the habit of consuming written work. Make it fun!

2. Have a sleep schedule

Anytime school is on break, I’m tempted to sleep all day and destroy my sleep schedule. Catch up on you zzz’s, but don’t do too much harm! Set realistic goals for when you want to wake up 9AM, maybe- but be forgiving. In the last few days of break, really try to stick with something to help adjust to school. Remeber when your mom used to make you do this?

3. Maintain other elements of routine

At school, I go to yoga and spin with friends. Part of me wants to wrap myself up in a cocoon for a month, but trying to keep these habits as part of a routine is not only good for your body, but your mind!

4. Try new recipes

Dining hall food is…. not great. Take advantage of time at home to try something new - maybe a TikTok trend? I find following a recipe also helps me feel like I’m participating in an activity similar to classwork. Fueling your body will also help fight winter colds!