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Choosing A Support System

Choosing A Support System

We do not have control over many things in life.

We cannot control the weather, we cannot control other people’s emotions or their beliefs. Something that we can control is our lives and what we choose to do with it. One of the most influential parts of our lives is who we choose to surround ourselves with. Who are the people that are involved in our everyday lives? Who do we include in our inner circle that influences your day to day decisions? Who we have in our support system should not come lightly, as these are the people who shape the decisions that we make and who we ultimately become. We have the power to choose our support system, but how do we know who is the most beneficial for ourselves? 

During college, we are continuously meeting more people than ever before and bringing more people into our lives. What do we want out of our friendships? Is it a friend to just hang out with and have a fun time? Or is it someone who we want as a part of our study group? Or do we want people who we can see calling from a nursing home? The people who we choose should be assets to our lives. 

Talking to my grandmother, she opened up about her story of how she met her best friend in third grade and have remained inseparable since. Whether it was celebrating birthdays, dressing up for Halloween, or walking to school they were never apart. As their 71-year friendship anniversary is soon arriving, I asked her how their friendship has remained so strong over the years and how they have grown from one another. She shared that within their friendship she has found a sense of not only comfort but confidence. They have shared a bond so sacred that they are able to confide in one another with every secret and every thought, knowing that they will have the other’s unconditional support and loyalty. The relationship they have has motivated each of them to find themselves individually through encouragement to grow and the extra push they need to break out of their comfort zones. They have shown one another what they truly deserve through every stage of their lives. From college, to marriage, and kids, the friendship has been a constant that is cherished and admirable. 

How do you find someone who can complement yourself in all areas of your life? 

Make a list of what you want to see in yourself. Do you want to be the adventurous person who takes on any challenge? Is your next goal to run a business? Tailor your support system on who can help you make these dreams happen. Who can help you achieve these milestones and encourage you to keep striving to be the best version of yourself. Find someone who will travel the world with you and challenge you. Maybe you will meet a friend at work who is able to pose alternative ideas that give you the edge to take on a new executive role at a company.

Choosing your friends can seem like a daunting task. Many have maintained friendships from childhood or are known to have “instant connections” with people they may run into. As a college student, many relationships can be formed through overlapping involvements such as campus organizations. 

Entering the community of The Women’s Network, we are surrounded by ambitious, driven women who have aspirations similar to our own. Seeking friendships from the empowered women around us may be the boost that we need. Next meeting, look around at the individuals around you. Find your better half who can support you in ways that you never knew you needed. Who knows, you may find your 70-year friendship right next to you.