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9 Tips For Finishing Strong in Your Second Semester of Online School

9 Tips For Finishing Strong in Your Second Semester of Online School

With finals being just barely a month away (sorry that we had to remind you), The Women’s Network-Georgetown is here to bring you just a few tips on how to end this academic year in a ~spectacularly organized ~ fashion:

1. Know your study vibe beforehand.

Figure out where you work best and where you don’t. Whether it be at a coffee shop, the closest WeWork, or the solitude of your own room, setting up your environment beforehand sets you up for success later. This also means realizing before you study whether you can afford to be around people or not. Ask yourself: do I need to focus alone right now? Or would it benefit me more to be around the energy of others?

2. Make a study schedule.

Creating a study schedule makes a world of difference. If I anticipate that I need to, then I will occasionally plan my day out before on a sticky note. Sometimes I stick with what’s written on it, but other times I don’t – either way, it calms me to know that I have a general outline of what I hope to get accomplished.

3. Prioritize sleep!

If you’re anything like me, you also try to take shortcuts with sleep that NEVER work. I don’t know about you, but whenever I attempt tricking myself out of sleep deprivation, I end up being less productive anyways. Take it from me: drinking a lot of coffee and missing out on invaluable sleep hours is not the move. Your brain and your body needs this time to recalibrate NOW so that you can be more productive LATER!

4. Put your phone on in a different part of the room. Seriously. Just do it.

Does anyone else have a habit of subconsciously going on their phone? My thumb immediately goes to Instagram – and sometimes that low-key disgusts me! Try putting your phone in a different part of the room while studying. Or better yet, place it in a different room to remove the physical temptation altogether. Unfortunately, cute Tik Tok dog videos are not conducive to getting stuff done.

5. EXERCISE! Go outside.

Do with the word “exercise” what you will: whether it’s a 5-mile run or a leisurely stroll, select an activity that suits your athletic fancy AND gives you some much-needed Vitamin C. Taking even a short break from your computer and your notes will do wonders for your well-being. Bonus points if you’re able to bask in some lush greenery or springtime flowers.

6. Eat good, solid meals.

Fuel your body and you fuel your brain. Yes, study snacks are important, but don’t skip out on eating real meals too. Eat a good breakfast (or, if you aren’t a breakfast person, a good lunch) so that you can truly grind. And if you are going to snack, reach for ones that will make you feel good. Studies have shown that overly processed food can make you feel tired, sleepy, and sluggish (especially when you are sitting for extended periods). Try snacking on fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, air-popped popcorn, veggies and hummus.

7. Let yourself have breaks & make them purposeful.

A motto I live by is “Never half a** two things, whole a** one thing.” Said beautifully by Ron Swanson, this quote emphasizes doing things the right way. So when you are taking a break, then REALLY take a break! Go on your phone, go on your walk, play with your dog – whatever! Provide yourself with a brain break that will make your studying hours even more productive. Don’t feel guilty for not studying and let yourself enjoy it. Otherwise, you are accomplishing nothing.

8. Go to office hours! Send emails! Do the little things.

In a time characterized by Zoom and Canvas, reach out to professors with personal emails and office hours. You will never regret going to office hours or introducing yourself to your professors. Before you know it, we’ll be back on campus! These simple things will make a world of difference in easing that eventual (and very near) transition back into a physical campus with other human beings.

9. Have grace with yourself.

Finals can be stressful and that is just a fact. Among all your to-do’s, do not forget to give yourself the time that all humans need to stop and take a breather. So yes, this is us telling you to give yourself some much-needed Netflix time. Do a face mask, reorganize your Spotify playlists, or embrace some jazz. Remember that your brain cannot be stuck in one mode 24/7 – it needs you to treat yo’self.

Those are just a few study tips that are a lot easier to implement than you’d think! Before you attack the whole list, try out a few, see how they affect your habits, and let us know how that went.

Remain calm in the knowledge that you are just an arm’s length away from the finish line! This is The Women’s Network-Georgetown reminding you that you got this!