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5 Women Who Dominated the Music Industry in 2021

5 Women Who Dominated the Music Industry in 2021

As we are getting our Spotify wraps and Apple Music replays showing us our most listened to songs or artists, you can’t deny that there is at least one influential woman artist on your list. In 2021, it was recorded that a female artist remained in the Billboard Top 200 for 40 weeks straight out of the year. From pop to country to rap, these are a few women who topped the charts in 2021 and a run-down of what album got them there. 

1. Taylor Swift 

Re-claiming rights to her own songs and re-releasing her old albums, Taylor made a name for herself in 2021. From her new album Evermore to Taylor’s version of Fearless and Red, she scored her 10th No. 1 album on Billboard this year. The nostalgia of listening to her old songs being re-recorded in her more mature voice was something very memorable for her fans. From songs such as “Love Story” and “Fifteen”, we were able to relive Taylor’s youth with her once more. Not only did Taylor earn the legal rights to her own records, she made sure her fans could keep enjoying her music on all streaming platforms. 

2. Olivia Rodrigo 

Being one of the most talked about teens of 2021, Olivia Rodrigo was most definitely one of your most listened to artists. With her album “Sour,” Olivia charted No.1 on Billboard for over 4 weeks and even kept the majority of her singles on the charts as well. From her upbeat pop songs like “Deja Vu” to her slow heart felt songs such as “1 step forward, 3 steps back”, she was able to create music to fit anyone’s taste. Being a teen herself, Olivia encapsulated our thoughts as young adults by writing about first love, friendship, and uncomfortable emotions. Also, seeing a young Filipina-American in a white-dominated industry was very inspiring for many women of color such as myself.

3. Megan thee Stallion 

A gift was what we received this year from Megan with her album “Something for Thee Hotties.” While simultaneously attending university and finishing her degree this year, Megan released one of the best albums this year. She was able to earn her fourth Top 10 album on R&B/Hip Hop charts on Billboard. Being a more free-style rap album, she continues to show her raw talent and hold her title as one of the best women rappers of this year. Also, Megan mentioned that this album was an ode to her fans and thanks them for being with her through this tough year. 

4. Doja Cat 

“Planet Her” by Doja Cat was one of the most talked about albums of 2021. After her rise in popularity with her singles “Say So” and “Like That,” Doja came back with her junior album, featuring hit songs such as “Need to Know” and “You Right,” She was able to snag No. 1 on the Billboard R&B charts and was even nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys. This album is the epitome of girl empowerment and confidence as she explores her divine femininity. With songs such as “Woman” and “Need to Know,” Doja Cat shares music about love and passion, which was a popular theme throughout this year. However, her upbeat, electric-feel twist is something that made her music stand out. 

5. Adele 

Last, but most definitely not least, we were blessed with the return of Adele and her new album “30.” After having a kid and going through a divorce, Adele shares her inner feelings and emotions with us through her music. From her nostalgic single “Easy On Me” to her emotional song dedicated to her son “My Little Love,” she takes us through her rollercoaster of a life that she has experienced these past years. This sentimental album charted Adele No.1 on Billboard Top 200 for over 3 weeks. Not only did she receive this title, but she also earned a lot more respect and love from her fans and the public for being so open with us all. 

Overall, 2021 was a successful year for women in the music industry. I did not even cover half of the women who released albums this year, which goes to show the work women have been putting in to share music with the world. Hopefully one of these women was in your Spotify wraps or Apple music replays, as they definitely made a name for themselves this year. If not, I totally recommend you give their songs a listen. Happy listening!