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5 Rising Female Musicians to Watch

5 Rising Female Musicians to Watch

As a college student, listening to music is one of my favorite pastimes. Whether I’m studying or relaxing in my room, it’s likely that I have music on. However, the music industry has long been male dominated. In fact, in 2020, only 20.2% of top songs were made by female artists. Therefore, it is important that we seek out and support female artists that we enjoy. In honor of this, here is a list of five up and coming female artists whose music I love and believe many will enjoy. 

Gracie Abrams 

Gracie Abrams is a 22-year-old American singer-songwriter. She recently released her first full album This Is What It Feels Like. Her music falls under the genre of bedroom pop, and her heart wrenching lyrics and beautiful voice stand out throughout her discography. If you like artists like Clairo or Olivia Rodriguo, Abrams’ music is probably right up your alley. Some of my favorite songs are “Feels Like” and “I Miss You, I’m Sorry.” 

Maude Latour 

Maude Latour is a singer-songwriter, who is also currently a college student at Columbia University. Her alt-pop music manages to be both upbeat and incredibly emotional, and her background as a student makes her music all the more relatable. Her music is very reminiscent of one of my personal favorite artists Lorde. I recommend checking out the songs “Block Your Number” and “Clean.” 

Remi Wolf 

Remi Wolf is a 25 year old American singer-songwriter from California. She gained fame through her hit song “Photo ID,” which went viral on TikTok. Her debut album Juno was just released in October and can be described as funky soul pop. Her music is fun and eccentric and for me, always serves as the perfect pick me up. If you like Glass Animals or BENEE, Wolf is definitely worth checking out! Some songs that I recommend are “Guerrilla” and “Sexy Villain.” 

The Regrettes 

The Regrettes are a mostly female, teen band led by frontwoman, Lydia Night. They make upbeat pop-punk music that I love to listen to to hype myself up, and their third album is set to come out in the beginning of 2022. If you like The Strokes or Wallows, the Regrettes might be for you. My current favorite songs by them are “Pumpkin” and “Monday. 

Catie Turner

Catie Turner is a singer-songwriter, who gained popularity on the show American Idol when she auditioned with her original song titled "21st Century Machine." She makes vulnerable and heartbreaking pop music that I think most young women will find themselves relating to. Her music is similar to other artists like Conan Gray and Ashe. My favorite songs by her are “God Must Hate Me” and “(Wish I Didn’t Have to) Lie.” 

These five artists are just a few of many women in the music industry. There are so many incredibly talented women in every genre and style of music, and we should all do our best to support women and help create a more gender equal industry. Nevertheless, I hope that you check some of these artists out and enjoy some new music!