Close up image of a woman's nails painted pink, blue, and yellow.

The Art of Nails and Self-Care

The Art of Nails and Self-Care

Living in a city has its perks, whether going for walks, visiting quaint coffee shops, or shopping at little boutiques. It is so important to show yourself some love and treat yourself to something that makes you feel happy. Personally, getting my nails done is something that brightens my day every once in a while. I try my best to go to women-owned businesses, and I am excited to share my favorite nail shop in D.C.: Queenie’s Nail Salon. Queenie, the owner, has worked at many nail shops in the area but has grown to own one herself. Any design you think of, she could most definitely do. 

Located in Washington D.C., Queenie’s Nail Salon specializes in designs. Nail art is an art form that is both complex and different; it allows self-expression! Queenie shares her artwork with the community through her Instagram account @queenies_nail_salon (you should absolutely take a look)! 

Nail designs from @queenies_nail_salon


What is trending? Who is the primary target market? Why should you get your nails done? These are some questions that you may ask before going to a nail salon. Art is constantly trending for all ages. It is something that is shared between all generations and can be a form of self-care. Personally speaking, I am a full-time student, work a part-time job, am involved with several clubs through my university, and balance a social life. It is crucial to acknowledge that our self-care sometimes falls on the back burner and is not prioritized. Getting my nails done once a month keeps me in check. It is challenging to maintain your self-appreciation without self-care. Whether getting your nails done once a month or going a day without your phone, it is important to have something that stays the same each month, which benefits just you. 

I am a female dancer and appreciate all forms of art—dance, music, painting, photography, and cinematography. Women artists must be supported, and what better way to do so than to see what they can do in person. Next time you visit Washington D.C., visit Queenie and other female artists. You will both benefit other women and yourself—double win!