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How to Be Comfortable With In-Person Interviews

How to Be Comfortable With In-Person Interviews

Throughout 2020 and most of 2021, we all got used to being behind the computer screen. With everything being moved online, everyone got comfortable with business casual on the top and comfy pajamas on the bottom, and having information about your presentation or interview on a split-screen. Now that the world is transitioning to more in-person events… At the same time, interviews for spring and summer internships are starting to take place, and we are more than likely going to have a few in-person interviews. This is a good thing (even though it means no longer wearing pajama pants to your interview). Having in-person interviews means showing more of who you really are; no more hiding behind that computer screen! 

First things first, to be confident in yourself, you have to feel confident in how you look. Most of the time, interviews will require you to dress in business casual attire, which I find that you can have the most fun with and add your sense of style to. My go-to outfit is a pair of colorful pants or trousers, with a plain colored top or blouse. It always makes me feel the best about myself and I can accessorize to show my personality. When you dress in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable, it’s more likely that you will rock your interview with confidence. 

Another aspect of interviews that changes with the transition to in-person is first impressions. One of the best ways to give a good first impression is with a solid handshake. Most interviews start out with a handshake, which can be extremely nerve-wracking when you haven’t had an in-person interview in a while. Some tips on a good handshake are to maintain eye contact, always use your right hand, maintain a firm grip, and SMILE! Interviewers tend to take note of candidates with solid handshakes, so it is so important that a good handshake is a part of your first impression. 

Now that you have sat down with your interviewer and you have made the BEST first impression, it is time to ace your interview and get that internship. The best way to ensure that you go into an interview prepared is to research the position and the company so that you know some basic information going into the hiring process. While a perk of having online interviews meant that you could have this information readily available on your computer screen, there is no reason to stress about interviewing in person. By coming to an interview prepared, you will feel more confident in yourself and your answers, and you will show the interviewer that you are confident in your abilities. 

Showing that you have confidence in yourself will carry over throughout your interview. The transition from online to in-person can be stressful, but by making sure that you are prepared and feel your best, you will ace your interview and feel confident that you did everything you could to plan for it. Good luck to everyone interviewing for internships and jobs!