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Gift Guide Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Gift Guide Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

It is important to be thoughtful about how our consumer habits affect the world around us. A great way to give thoughtful gifts and simultaneously empower female entrepreneurs is to support local businesses, especially those run by women. Here is a guide of gifts made for women, by women! 

1. Selfie Care kits designed to help you treat yourself and destress 

Brought to you by Talking Out of Turn (also known as Toot), these selfie care kits are the ultimate package for someone who has a tendency to run themselves ragged and forget to take breaks. The kit includes a weighted neck wrap, eye mask, face roller, and a mug and card with an inspirational message. They come in a variety of colors, and if $70 for the whole kit is a bit pricey, the items are also available separately. Toot sells a variety of other giftable items like tote bags, dish sets, pens, and more that are all made in the USA and manufactured in-house. You are practically guaranteed to find the perfect gift among the array of colorful home and office supplies available at Toot, with the added bonus of supporting female designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

Photo credit: Talking Out of Turn

2. Superfood health supplements to fuel your body 

If you’re shopping for a health guru. Golde’s “Build Your Gift Box” option lets you create a customized supplement bundle that would be perfect. According to the company’s mission statement, their products are aimed to “fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, not the other way around,” which is reflected in the convenient drinkable supplement options. They have a variety of super-ades, lattes, and matcha drinks to choose from, as well as products like face masks, a whisk, a travel pouch, and a tote bag. Made with 100% natural and vegan superfood ingredients, these supplements are a simple yet nutritious way to help your loved ones fuel their bodies. 

Photo credit: Golde


3. Original design & customizable prints to create an inviting, unique living space

The best, most simple way to make your living space feel like a home is through décor. Female-run Etsy shop LoveMezay offers many mini prints with unique artwork featuring inclusive body types, skin tones, and messages encouraging self love. Priced extremely reasonably at under $7 each, these prints are a thoughtful and personalizable gift that won’t cause you to break the bank. There are also sets of 2 or 4 prints available that can beautifully create a cohesive design theme. Beyond just purchasing these prints, the artist also has an Instagram page @love.mezay with lots of design inspiration that you can support as well.

Photo credit: LoveMezay on Etsy


4. Comfy t-shirts with empowering and fun messages to show personality to the world 

Everyone loves a fun graphic t-shirt, especially the ones that are made sustainably, promote positive social change, and showcase spunky, feminist-themed messages. The Bee & the Fox offers numerous options for aesthetically-pleasing, vintage graphic tees perfect for anyone with a big personality that they want to share with the world. Beyond the empowering messages, this company is devoted to supporting those in need throughout the country, as they regularly donate to the American Association of University Women, disaster relief efforts, and immigrant rights groups. They also sell other giftable items from pins, keychains, stickers, and socks, to pennants, mugs, photography prints, and t-shirts for other family members, so it’s easy to find the perfect gift. 

Photo credit: The Bee & The Fox

5. Timeless and thoughtful name necklace to help us own our identities 

If you are looking for a present for a jewelry fanatic, skip the poor-quality Forever 21 jewelry section and opt for this timeless name necklace instead. You can customize the letters on the chain however you want, so if the gift-receiver’s name doesn’t seem quite right, perhaps an inspirational message would be right up their alley. No matter what you choose, this necklace is a thoughtful, dainty option that will surely wow whoever you give it to, with the added bonus of supporting the creator, AvaHopeDesigns, on Etsy.


Photo credit: AvaHopeDesigns on Etsy


Feature image by Lauren Nixon via Canva