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Female Talents in Finance: Making Your Own Path

Female Talents in Finance: Making Your Own Path

It is a fact that women are underrepresented in the field of Finance. However, the  future is bright for the businesswomen out there who follow their ambition  instead of trying to fit into the male-dominated industry. 

In the 21st century, women may have more equal professional opportunities than ever  before. However, even today, there are still fields heavily dominated by males.  According to the 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, one of the  most underutilized business resources has been female talents. This is especially true  in STEM industries. Finance is no exception. The report also points out that although  there are approximately 46% female employees in the financial industry, only 15% (33%  of the overall female population) makes it to the executive level.  

However, to the young, aspiring businesswoman reading this article, do not be  discouraged! Female executives who worked their way out to the Forbes Finance  Council suggest that there is a bright future ahead for women planning to redefine the face of finance.

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First of all, you may be wondering what makes finance such a male-dominated industry.  Francesca Federico, a member of the Forbes Finance Council and the co-founder of  Twelve Points Wealth Management, believes the reason is that there have not been  many females in the field in the first place. Federico also admits that getting credibility in  the field with middle-aged and older men has been one of her greatest professional  challenges. Her colleague on the council, Keri Gohman, agrees. Gohman is the  president of Xero Americas, a cloud-based SaaS accounting service provider. During  her career, she has observed many aspiring businesswomen, including her younger  self, wasting time and energy trying to fit into the male-dominated workplace. Because  of this, Gohman chose to redirect her strength back to her unique vision in the field of  investing and accounting. 

“When you take all of the energy spent on fitting into a narrow box and  unleash that on your work — magic happens,” she said. “When I allowed  myself to be the boldest version of myself, I realized I was more willing to  take risks, to be more powerful — and my true capacity was unleashed.” 

As the saying goes, where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. The  gender gap should not be seen as a stumbling block. The male-dominated environment  is where female business professionals can be distinctive from the majority. The finance  industry is a place women get to empower themselves and each other by making a  difference. Every female financial leader on the Forbes Finance Council has  distinguished ways of positively impacting society. For instance, Danielle Kunkle, CEO  of the insurance agency Boomer Benefits, educates thousands of people on personal  finance every year. She loves to receive thank-you emails after each of her webinars because they always help her remember the people she helped and the impact she  made. Jade Sullivan, the co-founder of Pogo Insurance, works with small business  owners by introducing them to their ideal insurance at the best price. She loves her  capability of assisting entrepreneurs like herself in dealing with infuriating business  problems. Moreover, Sullivan offers advice to other businesswomen who aspire to succeed in the financial industry. She encourages them to change things or develop  new ideas even though there is a long way to go. Eventually, it will be worth it.  

Last but not least, sometimes it might be difficult for businesswomen to commit to  entrepreneurship or a career due to society’s traditional expectations or their family  responsibilities. Binna Kim, the co-founder of integrated financial and marketing firm  Vested, thinks otherwise. She encourages women in the finance industry to be  unapologetic and always fight for what one deserves. A woman can have a family while  growing her career. We do not have to prioritize one over the other. 

There is a bright future for women in finance. Although we cannot deny the existence of  the gender gap, the female business leaders on the Forbes Finance Council are  breaking new ground. Their success proves that there are opportunities for  businesswomen who are willing to be the pioneer of their ideas. Never should we waste  our talents on fitting into a narrow box. Instead, we should be bold, be ambitious, be  creative, and be making our own path. 


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