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Amplifying Women's Voices: An Insight Into Women in the Publishing Industry

Amplifying Women's Voices: An Insight Into Women in the Publishing Industry

Like most fields of work, the publishing industry has seen its fair share of gender gaps in some way, shape or form. 

In an article written by Zoe LaHaie for the Ooligan Press, it has been found that 78 percent of the publishing industry is made up of women. Despite the publishing industry being  dominated by women, men are still the receiving higher wages than their female counterparts. 

In a study conducted by Ooligan Press, 84 percent of people in the publishing industry expressed concerns about the clear wage gap within their workplace, the article states. Out of the 133 participants in the survey, 87 percent were women, 11  percent were men, and two percent categorized themselves as ‘other.’ 

The participants in the study also expressed how unhappy they were about the fact that their employers were not addressing the situation, the article explains. More  often than not, employers will discuss the issues with their employees, but fail to take appropriate action to address the issue. 

There’s an essential call for employers within the publishing industry to focus  more on how women are treated professionally, especially in regards to their wages  when compared with men. 

“Publishers need to be transparent with their employees and fairly compensate and reward people of all genders,” stated LaHaie. 

The publishing industry has a strong call to action: to celebrate strong female figures within the industry; especially since they make up the majority of it.