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Women in Film

Women in Film

March is Women’s History Month. Usually, we would be celebrating through a Women’s March or some other outdoor event surrounded by other passionate females, but with the pandemic, things have changed. Throughout the years, women have consistently fought for better representation in various career fields, including the film industry. Today, we see women not only starring in films more frequently but also directing and producing them.

So while you are quarantining at home, binge-watch some of these amazing shows and films showcasing how far women have come.


Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

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Hedy Lamarr was known as the ultimate icon of the 1940s. Not only was she a famous Austrian and one of Hollywood’s top leading actresses, but she was also the inventor of Blue-tooth technology.


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RBG to broadcast on CNN tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was known as the “badass” of the Supreme Court, serving on the Supreme Court from 1993 till her death in September of 2020. This documentary showcases all of her early legal battles that changed the world for women.

Knock Down the House

Available on Netflix and YouTube

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has represented New York’s 14th congressional district since the beginning of 2019. She is one of the youngest women ever to be a part of the House of Representatives. Watch this documentary to follow the journey of four women making their way through the 2018 congressional primary elections.

Based on a True Story

Hidden Figures

Available on Disney+

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Hidden Figures depicts women of color participating in the male-dominated field of science during the Cold War. Three African-American women working at NASA—Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson— took part in one of the greatest space operations in history. They played an integral role in turning around the Space Race and launching astronaut John Glenn into orbit.


The Joy Luck Club

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With the increase in hate crimes toward the AAPI community, a film to check-out that highlights Asian heritage and culture is The Joy Luck Club. The film provides an in-depth look into not only the Asian culture but the relationship between four mothers and their daughters. This was a huge marker for Hollywood history as it was the first-ever film with an all-Asian cast.


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This classic 90’s film celebrates female friendship and sexuality, giving us a throwback to all the 90’s trends with the fashion, pop-culture, and Valley-girl vibes.

The Color Purple

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Watch this incredible film about a woman named Celie who survived years of abuse under the patriarchy in the South.

TV Shows

The Queen’s Gambit

Available on Netflix

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TRIGGER WARNING: Alcohol and substance abuse.

The Queen’s Gambit, based on the novel by Walter Tevis, follows Beth Harmon’s journey through the chess world — a male-dominated arena. Here, you will watch her battle with several addictions amidst her journey to become the best chess player in the world.

Killing Eve

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This award-winning British dark-comedy series stars one of the first Asian-American women to win a Global Globes Award, Sandra Oh. The series centers around many female characters that are more than capable of their job. Eve (Sandra Oh) is a British intelligence investigator tasked to capture the psychopathic assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer). The two highly-intelligent characters chase each other down in a game of cat and mouse.

Grey’s Anatomy

Available on Netflix (for seasons 1-16) Hulu (season 17-present)

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Produced by Shonda Rhimes, this widely-popular show follows the lives of doctors in Seattle, Washington. The show is narrated by the infamous Meredith Grey, portrayed by Ellen Pompeo.



Available on Disney+

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If you want to reconnect with your inner child, then watch this Disney film! Moana is a young and ambitious woman who goes against the patriarchy and trusts her inner voice to do what is right in her heart. She stands up for what she believes in despite the inequality and mistreatment she receives as a woman.

Diary of a Future President

Available on Disney+

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This relatively-new Disney show explores the life of a Cuban-American tween who has big dreams to one day become president of the United States. Here’s to more representation in the White House!

Wonder Woman

Available on HBO Max

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Looking for an exciting action film? Wonder Woman depicts the life of Diana, an Amazonian woman born and raised to be an unconquerable warrior. The plot explores the reversal of stereotypical gender roles as a man serves to be her sidekick.