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Why Be “That Girl” When You Could Be the Best You?

Why Be “That Girl” When You Could Be the Best You?

The viral tiktok trend “that girl” seemingly promotes women’s wellness, confidence, and  productivity; however, the trend may be doing more damage than good. While “that girl” encourages women to become their best selves, the trend puts too much emphasis on aesthetics.  

“That girl” wakes up early, eats avocado toast for breakfast, and does yoga every morning. She neatly and artistically journals her thoughts, dresses in the most stylish clothes, meditates, and  posts the perfect pictures on social media. She drinks green juices and eats plant-based meals,  exercises, follows a skincare routine, and is always successful in everything she does.  

Although “that girl” may intend to support women’s growth and wellbeing, the trend values  materialism and aesthetics over true authenticity. Instead of encouraging each woman to be  unapologetically and authentically herself, trends like “that girl” pressure women into fitting  the “perfect” mold. This emphasis on aesthetics over real growth sets unreal and unhealthy 

expectations for what powerful and productive women must be and penalizes the women who  fail or refuse to conform to such restrictive standards.  

The unrealistic ideals of this trend may unintentionally encourage disordered eating and toxic  productivity. The materialistic component of the trend also alienates women who may be  unable to afford the latest clothes, a gym membership, or expensive produce. 

Instead of following this trend, I encourage you to embrace practices that strengthen your  authentic self. Unable to wake up early? Perhaps, you’re most productive in the afternoon. In  that case, it would be more beneficial to complete your work in the afternoon than early in the  morning. Start the day with a meal that energizes you, if avocado toast isn’t that, eat cereal,  waffles, yogurt – foods that you prefer.  

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to embrace your ideal self by doing things that work best  for you. However, only following the trend because you feel pressured to fit the aesthetic of  “that girl “may be more detrimental to your growth.  

Eating avocado toast or doing yoga every morning does not make a woman “that girl” or a  #GirlBoss or any other variation of this “wellness” trend. Being “that girl” is living your life in a  way that makes you feel confident and allows you to produce your best work will. There is no  one right way to be the best, most productive, and successful version of yourself. 

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