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Victoria Garrick: A Model for Mental Health for Ambitious Women

Victoria Garrick: A Model for Mental Health for Ambitious Women

Victoria Garrick is a powerhouse, former D1 volleyball player who speaks at universities around the country, on social media, and on her podcast about mental health, body image, and stories from herself and other ambitious women. On all of these platforms, she talks about ambition in many areas of life: careers, exercise, eating, relationships, mental health and more. Her relatability and attention to her fans make her message impactful. She is well known for her advocacy of mental health and intuitive eating but also shares stories of the corporate world or about being an influencer. She speaks about the pressures put on women to be successful, but to also fulfill society’s expectations for their bodies and appearance at the same time. Her messages are widespread and are helping to build confidence in a new generation of ambitious women. 

In a conversation with Corporate Natalie on her podcast Real Pod, a popular user on TikTok, they discussed the battle of having different personalities. When working a corporate job, you are expected to be professional and focused. Victoria speaks about her friend Natalie, saying that she never expected her to be the corporate type. Outside of her work, she is much more energetic, funny, and creative. Her TikTok, @corporatenatalie, combines these two themes with comical depictions of the life of a nine-to-five job. Women in business are pressured to prove themselves in the workplace, to prove that they belong there. Victoria and Natalie discussed how important it is to find other outlets for creativity if your job does not meet that. It is amazing for women who have the drive and ambition to fulfill their dreams, but it is also important to find other areas of your life you love. 

In a YouTube video, Garrick takes her viewers along with her in making a bullet journal to stay organized. She breaks up her journal into different sections of her life, balancing her personal life, her podcast, and her social media presence. She gives tips like these throughout her content, giving women inspiration on how to balance different aspects of their life. This is something that all women struggle with. The pressure to be more professional or even masculine at work, but feminine in the rest of society is something that all women face. Victoria shares a passion for her work but also shares stories of her fiance and wedding plans. She is a great example of what many women strive to accomplish, but it isn’t always easy in our world. 

While much of her content may be heavily focused on mental health and body image, she represents many values of ambitious women. She uses her creativity and passion and has built a fan base on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and her podcast. She also shares personal stories of her own struggles, relating to feelings that many women experience daily. Part of being a successful woman is finding balance, passions, and knowing yourself. Victoria Garrick advocates for all of these things, as well as being a great example herself. 

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