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Three Woman-Owned Restaurants to Try in DC

Three Woman-Owned Restaurants to Try in DC

Getting tired of the restaurants on GWorld? Looking for a place to go out to eat with your friends? If that’s the case, I have a solution for you. DC is one of the best cities for trying foods of many different cultures with a wide variety of options in every part of the city. One thing we often fail to consider, however, is who runs the restaurant. Women account for less than 7% of head chefs at the most prestigious/high level restaurants in the U.S. At the less elite levels of the restaurant industry, there is still a grave disparity between female and male head chefs. Women account for just over half of the students at the Culinary Institute of America, but are only 21% of head chefs at restaurants across the U.S. (Forbes). So, I will be highlighting 3 affordable restaurants owned by women in DC to consider trying the next time you go out to eat. 


Sospeso is owned and operated by Hatice Rosato and her husband Michael Rosato. Their menu consists of a fusion of Mediterranean specialties and Italian cuisine with plates ranging from a Mezze platter to gnocchi al pomodoro. Rosato is not the only woman that makes this business run either. Many of the chefs and bartenders at the restaurant are women as well. The restaurant is a combination of a cafe and market so you can grab a quick bite to go or sit down for a meal with friends. The H Street Corridor is also a wonderful area of the city to explore. Take a ride on the street car while on your way to the restaurant! 

Soi 38 

Soi 38 is owned by Bangkok native Dia Khanthongthip and serves authentic Thai street food in the heart of DC. The restaurant is named after an open air street market in Thailand that comes to life at night. The food is very reasonably priced for a nicer meal out on the college budget and is located in West End which is a perfect walking distance from campus. Khanthongthip’s concept is to bring Thai culture to DC through street foods typically found in the country.


Teaism is owned by Linda Neumann and Michelle Brown who wanted to expose the world to the concept of loose leaf tea and its tasty properties. In addition to a very wide selection of teas, the cafe serves Asian-inspired cuisine from all countries where tea is grown, such as curries, bento boxes, and sweet treats like cookies. Its location in Dupont makes it the perfect location for an excursion on a long lunch break or to study in the afternoon. This cafe has been in operation for more than 20 years and is a staple in the area. 

These restaurants are just a few examples of the many restaurants in DC that are owned by women. It is easier now, more than ever, to actively seek out women-owned restaurants when deciding on your next meal. Next time you eat out, eat a delicious meal and help your fellow women by doing so.