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How to Maintain Digital Professional Relationships

How to Maintain Digital Professional Relationships

You’ve gone to the events. You’ve started the conversation. But what do you do now? In our increasingly digital world, it’s important to know how to continue (or even start) a professional connection online. From connecting on LinkedIn to cold emailing, womxn must know the right ways to get the connection and its subsequent rewards. Since we all know, it’s not about what you know but who you know. 

1. Reach out to them ASAP 

In order to sustain any connection, you must make sure they remember who you are. Business experts recommend reaching out to any connection, be it from LinkedIn or an event, within a day of connecting with them. The most important part of re-introducing yourself is to focus on the other person: tell them why you reached out/connected with them and what part of either their career or speech/conversation (if this was an event) that intrigued you.


2. Don’t sell yourself too hard 

When sustaining relationships, be sure to only do a healthy amount of self-bragging. It is important to make sure that you are showing interest in the person and what they can do to help you. Yes, they should know why they should continue to network with you, but don’t be too overbearing about it. 

3. Maintain Occasional Contact 

No one feels good when you only reach out to them for favors. Because of this, it’s important to contact connections for other reasons. This is as simple as sending articles that that person might be interested in or congratulating them on job promotions/internships/new jobs on LinkedIn. 

4. Offer Help (if you can) 

Networking is a two way street; the other person also wants resources from you. Whether it’s sending theme job postings, events or articles that you think they’d be interested in (going back to tip 3), or offering them help in your specific skill set, showing that you can be an asset to them as well will make them more eager to help you out and think of you when opportunities arise.