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How a TikToker Is Changing the Fashion Industry

How a TikToker Is Changing the Fashion Industry

Meet Remi Bader, a 26-year-old content creator and curve model currently living in New  York City, New York. Remi Bader starting off like any other young woman, she attended the University of Delaware where she studied Interpersonal Communications. She studied abroad, joined a sorority, had internships in marketing, and later joined the workforce.  

In July of 2021 Bader was let go of her job at Tidal and decided that she would apply to be a curve model. She signed with an agency; however, her modeling career had a very slow start. In hopes of filling more time and emerging into the entertainment industry, Bader started her own Tik Tok account.  

Bader became an internet sensation with her creation of a TikTok series titled, “Realistic  Clothing Hauls.” These 1-3 minute videos feature different clothing brands and how the clothes realistically fit on a curvy girl’s body. Bader got the idea for these clothing hauls when one day she received a package of clothes she ordered online and none of the items fit her, despite the  clothes being her size. Knowing that many people would not see her TikTok video, she decided to upload a video of the clothes on her body. This first haul immediately went viral because of the  audiences response to seeing what a realistic clothing haul is. Just because it is your size, does not mean it will always fit due to different brands targeting their clothes to different people. The audience was pleased to see other people experiencing and showcasing what trying on clothes really looks like.  

These videos instantly went viral because it is unusual to see influencers post the clothes that do not fit, do not look good, and are not flattering on them. Our generation is flooded with social media content that showcases the “ideal girl” and her perfect body. However, we need to remember that one girl does not define what true beauty is.  

When I first saw one of Remi Bader’s Tik Toks I felt a sense of relief to know that my own body struggles are shared among other women. It was reassuring to know that when a shirt does not fit over my shoulders, or a pair of pants squeezes my stomach that I am not alone in these feelings.  

Despite her radiating confidence and beauty, Bader admits that everyone has those days  where they just do not feel confident or content with themselves. The important part is that she expresses these emotions in her videos to demonstrate that even those who seem like they have it all together can still struggle. I believe that this is a very important message to spread to girls in  our generation because of the impacts of social media. Social media gives a falsehood of  influencers with perfect lives and the perfect body. However, we need to keep in mind that  influencers only post what they want others to perceive them as. They do not post the unflattering photos that they take, instead, they showcase when they look their best. However, my an outside point of view this can look very deceiving as that is what the audience and  consumer of their social media believes them to be 24/7.  

Remi Bader has taught me the reality of social media and how deceptive it can truly be. She has instilled in me a new sense of confidence to be myself, be different, and let my true beauty shine. Everyone is beautiful because we are all different; trying to look like everyone else  takes away this natural beauty. 

Remi Bader currently has two million followers and fifty-nine million likes on Tik Tok.  She has regularly worked with renowned brands such as Revolve, Reformation, Good American,  Free People, and more to show her audience the struggles of the fashion industry. She has  normalized the idea of not all clothes fitting one size, fashion mistakes, and curvy girls. Her success is due to the confidence that she instills in people and the humor that she brings to often sad topics. For example, many girls feel a sense of horror and shame when they walk into a  changing room at their favorite store and realize that none of the clothes, they like fit them  correctly. However, through Bader normalizing these feelings her audience realizes that this  happens to everyone no matter their size or body.  

She has revolutionized the fashion industry by calling out brands to be more size  inclusive in their marketing, modeling, and advertisements. This is in hopes of normalizing all  body types and proving to the world that being skinny is not the only type of beauty as is often  seen in society. Bader hopes to continue her goals of empowering young women and build a  more size inclusive and confident fashion industry that honors the individuals.