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DC Local Female-Owned Businesses

DC Local Female-Owned Businesses

There are several local Female-Owned Businesses in the District of Columbia, from boutiques to galleries to restaurants. It is essential to support these small businesses rather than fast fashion shops and chains. Each of these shops are individualized and follow the owner’s story. Women must support other women, and what better way to do so than to support their small businesses! 

Let’s get into some of my personal favorites and the owners' stories! Living in Washington DC has its perks. Being able to walk fifteen minutes to Georgetown Cupcake is super fun and yummy. Two sisters: Sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne founded this establishment. These women have been on baking shows and have written books such as The Cupcake Diaries. These women had a dream that stemmed from their grandmother and accomplished their goal- true ambitious women. This store has spread in popularity to Bethesda, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Check it out! 

Georgetown Cupcake 

Onto another all-time favorite is at the Wharf-Chopsmith & Toastique. Brianna Keefe brought this concept to life. Since she was young she has been interested in nutrition and health.

She played D1 in college and maintained her healthy lifestyle. Connecting that passion to food, she opened Toastique and a few years later Chopsmith. Brianna spread her passion for eating healthy through the DC community. If you like fun toasts, salads, or smoothies these places should be checked out! 


The last business which will be discussed is Steadfast Supply. This is a female-owned and started business. The concept is for individual designers and brands to come together in one location for consumers, allowing the community to embrace one another’s art. This occurs at the Navy Yards in Washington, DC. 

Virginia Blanca Arrisueño started Steadfast Supply because of her parents’ art background. Her passion for art and business grew into this idea. Through many internships and fashion background jobs, Virginia absorbed her ambition and ran with her idea. She left an impact on individual artists and the community.

Steadfast Supply 

To wrap up, it is fantastic to acknowledge that many ambitious women have worked hard to start up businesses that they dreamed about. Without their sense of ambition and backgrounds, they would not have done so. We as a community must support these female-owned businesses, rather than purely consuming fast fashion and mass-produced goods. Women must support other women!