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6 News Podcasts To Start Your Day Off Right

6 News Podcasts To Start Your Day Off Right

New year, new media diet? Whether you’re trying to diversify your news consumption, or just get in the habit of staying on top of current events, podcasts are a great addition to any morning to help you feel ready to take on the day. Give some of these selections a try to make staying up to date on current events fun and easy in 2022. 

Number 1: Up First from NPR 

Up First from NPR is a quick and easy way to get just the top few most relevant headlines as soon as you wake up. New episodes are released every day, so you’re always up to date. Nearly all episodes are 15 minutes or less, making it easy to fit them into your morning shower or makeup routine. 

Number 2: Public Health On Call from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health

Searching for answers about the changing Covid-19 guidelines? Looking for the best advice to keep you and those around you safe? Public Health On Call has experts at the ready answering all the latest questions about pandemic life and public health challenges. All episodes are highly accessible, no background in STEM or the health sciences needed. At just 10-20 minutes per episode it’s easy to fit into your morning routine or study break. 

Number 3: The Daily from The New York Times 

If Up First isn’t giving quite enough of the day's news, turn to The Daily. Some episodes focus primarily on the biggest headline of the day, while others go into greater detail on specific issues. It features more in depth reporting and the occasional off the beaten path story. Episodes typically range from 25-50 minutes, so it’s great for a commute or some entertainment while making dinner. 

Number 4: The Economist Podcasts from The Economist 

This is truly a jack-of-all-trades podcast, containing several types of content all combined into one convenient stream. There’s truly something for everyone. Types of episodes include the “Checks and Balances” series for political analysis, “Money Talks” for your local economist, “The Economist Asks” for in-depth interviews with prominent public figures, “The World Ahead” analyzing emerging research and technology, and “Babbage” for STEM content. Not to mention their regular news features, notorious for their pun-ridden and humorous titles. Episodes typically clock in at about 20-45 minutes. 

Number 5: The Global News Podcast from The BBC World Service 

Take your news knowledge to the global stage with this one! The BBC World Covers headlines and human interest stories happening all over the world. As a United Kingdom based organization they also provide a fresh unbiased take on headlines coming out of the United States. Plus, with two daily postings every weekday and one per day on weekends, you’re definitely getting more content than most other podcasts. Episodes are roughly 30 minutes each. Perhaps a morning and a nighttime routine? Or combine both at the end of the day for a well-rounded news hour. 

Number 6: Science Friday from Science Friday and WNYC Studios 

This one’s for the Women in STEM. Science Friday releases two new episodes every Friday covering the most current and groundbreaking research across scientific fields. Each episode covers at least three diverse and surprising topics from mind altering plants to pizza science to saving the manatees. Even for non-STEM ladies there’s always something new and exciting to explore. Episodes are about 45-60 minutes. Don’t have that kind of time everyday? It’s okay! You have a full week until the next ones drop. 

Adding more news to your day doesn’t have to be a drag! There are plenty of podcasts that make staying informed a simple and entertaining way to fit more news into your day.