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2022: The Year of Networking

2022: The Year of Networking

Though leaving campus may feel like a time of disconnect, it’s important to recognize that these breaks can actually serve as opportunities to boost connections and further our networks. The holidays are a time of massive social gathering, leaving room for newfound connections and growth between our career circles. We want you to make the most out of these breaks and view them as the opportunities that they are. The time we’re given off school gives us the space necessary to spend working on things outside of school. Whether it be maintaining connections with old professors or reconnecting with previous employers, we have the power to build a network of individuals that is completely separate from our educational studies and academic priorities. Though it may be easy to fall into that “rest and relaxation” zone we all crave so deeply when the temperatures drop below 30, we want you to remain ambitious and savor time away from essays and exams to prioritize your career goals over these next few weeks. Here’s how. 

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is absolutely your friend, especially in COVID times when in-person encounters are much harder to come by. LinkedIn allows you to search and investigate individuals across the country with similar interests and goals as you, permitting you to expand your network across state lines and outside of the smaller-scale Syracuse bubble we’re in right now. Take advantage of the chat feature and don’t hesitate to reach out to others. People love to talk about themselves, and asking questions about their past and future endeavors along with their own personal goals might help you more than you might have previously considered. Updating your profile and remaining active in conversing with your personalized friend network boosts your account, leaving the door open for possible future employers to come across you and all of your achievements. Internships and more can be achieved solely from a simple “hello” to someone you find striking. 

Making the Most Out of Your Gatherings: As mentioned, the holidays are a time of socialization. Each holiday party, dinner, or gathering you attend might present you with new opportunities to expand upon your circles and gain information regarding your potential goals and desires. Talking about your dream job and aspirations as much as possible will provide you with the tools to one day present yourself in a future interview or elevator pitch-esque situation. We urge you to talk about what you want to anyone who will listen. Show off your drive, ambition, and dreams. Listen to others too, you never know who might offer some niche advice about getting your feet off the ground. 

Research: Use this time away from school stress to really investigate potential job openings, internships, or resources you can use to boost your resumé. Really make the most of your downtime to do all of the things you have lying around on your to-do list that have sat below your school priorities. Reach out to alumni, clean up your resumé, update your LinkedIn profile. Really take the time to work on yourself and your career aspirations to put your best foot forward during this time off. 

Best of luck!